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About Us

Hi, I’m Judy from Dayton, Ohio.  As a mother of two and an art teacher for many years, I felt so blessed to witness firsthand the creativity that comes from a child’s mind, but for years, I was concerned about the many choices of technology and entertainment that filled up their minds. 

Perhaps it is the art teacher and mother in me, but I wanted to build their creative minds and help to make it grow and flourish.

Then I opened up my first, family-operated business in 2017 with the goal of “Building Toys That Builds Minds.”  Through much trial and error, and working with many other creative minds, we finally achieved this goal.

I discovered a way to combine technology together with the Arts & Crafts, and the Wowood toy brand was born. 

We introduced Wowood’s new line of 3D Puzzle Building Toys into the market for the very first time, and it was received with a lot of praise from both parents and children. 

The children were going back to their creative roots, building up these puzzles and then seeing technology bring it to life before their very own eyes.

We had finally found a way to refresh the puzzles of yesterday using the technology of today, and our children became interested in building puzzles again. 

This was a big success for us, and I am very proud to be able to bring this to you and to your children. 

Today, I am happy to see our children entertained by these puzzles, and I get the most satisfaction knowing that they are “Building Toys That Builds Minds.” 

You see, as an Art teacher I studied intensively about enhancing creativity in our brain - and building puzzles does just that. 

Not only do puzzles enhance creativity, but it also improves intelligence in our children.  It’s great for your child’s mind and development.